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Greetings from Blue Mountain Center!

Thank you to everyone who attended the annual "Fall Festival" event on November 1st at Blue Mountain.  As BMC's final event open to the public, UMC families, and local communities... we loved seeing everyone come out on this wonderful occasion to help us celebrate the unique gift of camping ministry here at Blue Mountain. Over the years from stories passed down, we have been blessed to hear how BMC has remained over time and seen as "a place set apart" bringing together the 'multi-generations' to feel God's presence through Spirit-filled experiences while here at camp. Through the sowing of seeds by many dedicated people over the past 54 years, Blue Mountain has become a beautiful place that folks like to call 'HOME,' and therefore this camp has been and will forever remain 'a special place' in the hearts of many who along the way have... felt God calling them into a deeper faith walk with Christ, felt and realized that Jesus' love & forgiveness is real, or felt the Spirit leading them to answer/fulfill the call into ministry. All in all, this camp is rich with heritage, built with love, and too priceless to dismiss!

Ultimately, Erik and I love camp and we thank you for being here with us during our 3 years at BMC as we served your church in camping ministry. We wish to thank you for all the many prayers and support that you have shown toward the four MO UMC campsites and staff during this time of transition for all of us. God bless!

In His light,
Christina & Erik Barton



Blue Mountain Center is a place set apart to discover Godís creation, to worship with one another outdoors, and to strengthen our faith in Jesus Christ so that we may carry out into the world a renewed spirit for making disciples in His name.  Blue Mountain is called to help lead congregations to lead people to a growing faith with Jesus Christ.


Blue Mountain is a ministry center of the Missouri United Methodist Camping & Retreat Ministries and a charter member with the Association of the United Methodist Camp & Retreat Ministries.


Blue Mountain Center  |  www.bluemountaincamp.org

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